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People often ask what they should expect. Top notch professional entertainment and an event your guests will never forget is what you should not only expect, but what you will receive. However, you probably still want to know more.

Paul's shows combine elements of mindreading, suggestion and deceipt to create some amazing results. However, the real treat of the show is Paul's ability to tell a tale, drawing your audience into Paul's world. The shows are filled with wickedly smart humor as well.

So what is in one of Paul's shows? He incorporates amazing feats of mindreading, telling you things from your childhood and demonstrating seemingly impossible examples of synchronicity. He will demonstrate how freewill can be manipulated. He explains how this has affected his life and yours as well. There may be examples of time travel or predictions of future events.

The shows are very interactive. These are not "sit back and watch shows." Each show is unique and your audience gets to share in the excitement of crafting the show.

For more details on specfic shows, please click on the Shows link in the menu and you can read about his different shows.

What can be guauranteed is this will be unlike anything your audience has ever seen.



Paul is a professional performer with thousands of hours of stage time under his belt. His shows are audience tested and honed for maximum entertainment value. Paul also is a former event planner so he understands all of the time and work it takes to put together your unique event.

Paul absolutely loves his job and it shows from the beginning of your contact with him until the end. Here is what you will experience:

  • Paul will make an initial consultation to discover what your audience is like and what you expect from the show, including content and length . This can be completely family friendly to an edgier show for a more mature crowd.
  • You will receive a detailed, yet easy to read, contract going over the particulars of your show.
  • Paul will provide marketing material for the event, making your job easy and getting your audience pumped up about the great entertainment that YOU provided.
  • Paul will contact you again shortly before the show to determine if any last minute changes have occurred.
  • Paul will arrive early to your venue to get set up and not be intrusive.
  • Paul will perform an incredible show that will leave your audience awestruck and talking for weeks and even years.
  • Paul can stay around for a bit after the show to mingle, if you would like, or very quickly break down.

Paul doesn't consider the relationship over at the conclusion of the show. He hopes to be back again to help you with your entertainment He can be a resource for any questions that you may have.




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