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The Oditorium is Paul's homage to a dying art, the sideshow. Largely self-taught, Paul was entranced by sideshow performance as a young child and wanted to learn the skills of the painproof men, the blockheads and the fire eaters.

Hear stories of the strange!

Watch Paul lay on a bed of nails!

See him put his hand in an animal trap!

These are just a few of the sideshow feats you will see. However, this is much more than just a display of sideshow feats. This is a show in which everything is done for a reason. Paul will challenge the audience to consider what role fate and freewill have played in their lives as he interacts with audience members and shows that not everything is just chance. He will read your mind and let you into his as well.

This show has been greeted with sell out crowds, standing ovations and was named by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette as one of the top ten things to do on the weekend.



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