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Bibliomancer was selected as a sponsored show in the New Orleans Fringe Festival in 2014. It was selected out of hundreds of other entries.

Paul Prater will read your body language, your thought processes and your mind in this incredible mindreading show. 

Paul has always been fascinated with books and reading and this forms the framework for this show, incorporating tales from his childhood and the tales he read.  Which are real and which are imagined?

In Bibliomancer, you will take part as Paul Prater shares his favorite stories, while asking you to share a few of yours. You will attempt to deceive him with lies, and he still reads the truth.  Paul is able to get into your mind and draw images and scenes from your favorite stories and your past. The show demonstrates how stories can be told not only by words, but also by body language, deductive reasoning and photographs.

In this dark, yet humorous show, you will share memories of the deceased, dowse for the dead, and have memories from the past implanted in your heads.  Someone will be transported back in time by an object belonging to a famous author. 

Finally, an incredible piece of coincidence will occur when much of what you experienced earlier in the show was foretold years ago in way that can’t just be coincidence.

This show will leave you wondering if you just took part in a fabricated work of fiction or if what you experienced was real.




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